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Wednesday, January 12, 2011

dear judges and bad talkers!

Before a person has right to talk or judge other people around, he or she should deeply see himself or herself first. Deeply think on which kind of person are they. Are they’re just the same as the people they talked about or not, are they’re the suitable person to talk, are they have the right way to talk. If not, better they just shut up their stinky mouth. 

In this world there are millions people which are didn’t think before they talk. Nope, maybe such billions or trillions. Always wasting their time by keeps busy thinking about others behaviors and appearances. Why don’t they keep busy fix or improve their behaviors and appearance first before talked bad about others? Urgh, they're just make me annoyed to know a person just like them. Such a dumbo, right? WTFishhhh. The best way is just ignore their existences. Yes, when you think that they didn’t exist in front of you, you’ll feel happier and more glad.

Hey, you don’t have right to judge me because I do not like you guys. I did love you once as friends, but now you guys are nobody and will be forever nobody to me. So, stop being a busybody about me. Fullstop.

psstttt : sayang ija sayang rai sayang kinah forever and ever :)

Love, jiha!


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