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Friday, April 29, 2011

quicky quicky quicky

it's been a long time i am not updating this blog. 10 days, lama ke?? busy, banyak benda jadi but i rasa better not telling to everyone. sometimes, better kita simpan sedikit rahsia untuk kita share dengan diri sendiri. am i right? diri sendiri is the best person to keep our own secret. i jadi more matured in thinking after lalui macam macam pengalam. i am glad to be who am i now. i am now listening to instrumental songs. feeling terlebih pulak. T____T okay, takde sebab sangat pun nak feeling, rase calm gile dapat dengan music camni after dah lepas tiga paper for final. two more paper babeh. hehe. yang best and teruja sebab gap to the next paper is a WEEK. i am feeling good with that. haha. bukan glad sebab dapat study seminggu, gile ape nak focus seminggu straight study for one subject, tapi glad sebab dapat rehat dua tiga hari after seminggu berhempas pulas untuk jawap tiga paper yang agak killer. see, i study for tiga paper seminggu je :P gile ah, study study ayam je. but, alhamdulillah because for ketiga tiga paper, takde lagi yang buat i rase down sebab tak dapat jawap. tak dapat jawap dua tiga soalan ade la.

 "terima kasih Tuhan kerna memberkati ilmu ilmu ku. terima kasih Tuhan atas segala ilmu. "

okay la, that's all yang i dapat share for this post. not into writing mode lagi. maybe malam sikit or esok or lusa i update lagi. hugs and kisses from me.

Toodles! i love instrumental songs. for this time maybe :P
psssstttt : imy ily. good luck bff for final. muah muah.

Love, jiha!

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

fair and square

yesterday was a fair day for me. in the morning, i got a phone calls from Dara.com, they promised to gimme payment sebab i hantar cerpen hari tu. wow! praise to Allah. i tak expect pun dapat payment ;) syukur. tengah hari, i got a lunch treat, my lecturer belanja. macam tau tau je i tengan berjimat cermat ;P banyak kot lauk i ambik, dah alang alang dapat lunch free kan. hehe. then petang i present untuk research proposal. phew. gila kena attack dengan evaluator. dah, malas fikir. syukur sebab dah lepas satu beban, two more presentation to go :) then petang sikit, i got free topup. aha, at that time my phone credit tinggal dua puluh sen, i got a credit topup at the right time. huhu. siapa la yang tersalah topup tu kan, thanks yaw :P so hari ni ada benda yang buat i feel heaven gila and ada jugak yang buat i rasa 'apakah nerakanya ini' geez.

Toodles! setiap yang berlaku pasti ada hikmahnya :)
psssttt : selamat berexam bff! hugs and kisses from me.

Love, jiha!

Friday, April 1, 2011


i don't know why, but honestly i couldn't stand with those people who're so strict. urghh. make me sick. what i know, i am NOT one of them and NEVER be one. i thought that i am a hypocrite person if i agree with them in some cases that i really not into. YES. but sometimes, i do become a hypocrite to avoid any misunderstanding. the 'skema' person do what they're asked to do so and being nervous if they didn't really do the right thing like they asked to, never say no. such a boring. like a doll. T___T sometimes, we need to be free from any order. make our own choice to do a thing. whether by doing that way or other ways. we have the right to choose.

Toodles! Life is a wisdom to human beings :)
psssttt : imy, ily bff.

Love, jiha!

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