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Sunday, May 1, 2011

and now sweet words from me. ehem.

i have BFF in this world that i couldn't find in other worlds. eceh, ade ke other worlds tu? ;P you all memang the great i ever have. sumpah tak tipu. i am in love so so deep with the three of you. 


because you all always love me for who am i. do accept me, do care about me, do patient in facing my mood, do concern so much about me, do keep holding me when i am not strong enough to stand up by myself, do keep lending me shoulder to cry on. oh, i miss the time we spent together in Matriculation. what a best life i had there. every day we did a thing together. lay on a bed together, listen to music together, went to dining to take a dinner together, went to Tasik together, went outing together, went karaoke-ing together, went to hot spring together, went to celebrate new year together, eating mee maggi together, celebrating each birthday together. erm, i do miss all the things we did together. lots of fun and so memorable. 

now, we are all grown up. have a a bit different life from what we had in a few years back. Ija will starting her practical soon, Kinah did finish her final semester. Rai and i got to go through one year more before finishing our study. although the four of us are a little bit far from each other now, but i know we are so deeply close in heart. am i right darlings? i will keep loving and appreciating all of you. what a meaningful friendship i have with you alls. one day if all of you think that i am far from this friendship, please hold my hand and ask for me to stay, i will stay then. keep me awake from being an ungrateful friend. keep me aware from feeling alone without the presence of all of you. please. stay with me until my last breath. could you promise me that, darlings?

to darlings Kinah and Ija, i am wishing you a HAPPY BIRTHDAY! sorry for not showing myself in front of both of you on your birthday. but i am always showing my love, kan? kan? hehe. have a great becoming year, be a good person, be a good daughter, be a good sister, be a good becoming wife ;P cepat cepat kahwin, i wanna be your brides-mate for both. boleh tak? eheh. may the happiness always yours, may the life is always in favor for you, may the success will stick with both of your forever, may all your wishes become true. i love you so!

enough kot, have a blast on your birthday okay darlings. keep loving me yeah. hugs and kisses from me. cukup tak dapat hugs and kisses? tu je hadiah yang mampu ;P

Toodles! Happy Birthday to KINAH and IJA!
pssssttt : teharu tak? hehe. muah muah.

Love, jiha!


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