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Friday, April 1, 2011


i don't know why, but honestly i couldn't stand with those people who're so strict. urghh. make me sick. what i know, i am NOT one of them and NEVER be one. i thought that i am a hypocrite person if i agree with them in some cases that i really not into. YES. but sometimes, i do become a hypocrite to avoid any misunderstanding. the 'skema' person do what they're asked to do so and being nervous if they didn't really do the right thing like they asked to, never say no. such a boring. like a doll. T___T sometimes, we need to be free from any order. make our own choice to do a thing. whether by doing that way or other ways. we have the right to choose.

Toodles! Life is a wisdom to human beings :)
psssttt : imy, ily bff.

Love, jiha!


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