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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Untitled (Takde tajuk)

It's four o'clock in the morning and I'm still can't sleep. Waiting for Sahur and will sleeping after that. Sucks. I feel bad this few months cause I'm having sleeping disorder, I stayed up every night and I slept like a baby all day long. Someone please gimme some tips on this sleeping problem. I tried to close my eyes but I'm still couldn't sleep even though in an hour. Sigh. 

There're still a week before going back to my normal student life but how come I'm gonna be 'normal' if I'm still having this sleeping disorder. This isn't best bro! I need to get through this problem before my semester started. I really need some help because it wasn't easy to be a student while I can't manage my time properly :( Change! Yes, but how?

Today I went to Flemington Hotel for having Iftar with my family. It was pretty good having Iftar there with various choices of meals. The main dish is Nasi Bugari and I haven't know the rice was existed before. Haha. It's just like nasi beriyani I thought. Nasi Bugari should be eaten with 'Mutton Chops in Black Paper Sauce' and because of I'm not eating any meat so I just took plain white with some kampung's dishes and some seafood.

After the Iftar we went to mosque to send my abah for having Terawih and we (the ladies) went to Bazaar Raya nearby the mosque looking for cookies and snacks for Hari Raya. It was my second time went there in this Ramadhan and my first is just last few days. Yes, we (my mom and me) went out almost every night. I can count how many times we spent our night at home. Hehe.

Okay, I am going to have my Sahur now. Have a nice Saturday all! For those who's planning for balik kampung today, hati hati di jalan raya. Biar lambat asal selamat :) Have a safe journey.

Toodles! Happy 27th Ramadhan :)
psssttt : tak sabar nak pakai baju raya :P

Love, jiha!


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