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Monday, July 11, 2011


Both of the video are my nieces favorite songs. They keep singing together and also asking me to download the songs for them. After downloaded, they played the songs every minutes. Hahahaha. How cool they were! Just like their cool aunt :P I'm impressed cause they (my nieces) can memorize the lyrics for both songs while I've never been heard any of them because I was busy studying in hostel (^_^) and have no chance to watch TV. That's how the Disney Channel affected to kids nowadays. Everytime I went back to hometown, they'll ask me "Achik, have you download a new movie?" They love watching Disney movie and because of both are in primary school they prefer to watch movies like Enchanted, Diary of Wimpy Kid, Princess Protection Program and Another Cinderella Stories rather than cartoons. How fast they're grow up, i feel like we're share the same age because I still love watching the movie they liked. Disney always make us feel like we're staying in the teens zone even though we're different in age. They still kids while me, an adult already. Hehe. 

Toodles! We do love Disney Channel for forever! :)
psssttt : darlings, how are you doing?

Love, jiha!


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